Boat & RV Storage Tips

Boat & Rv Storage

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March 6th, 2024

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Summer is quickly and sadly coming to an end, have you decided on your winter storage solution? If not properly taken care of prior to winter storage, one can inadvertently cause damage to the boat. Here are some quick tips for prepping your summer toy for winter hibernation.

  1. Take your boat out on the water one more time – The purpose of this is to make sure you observe to make sure everything is working properly and there doesn’t need to be any maintenance or services to your boat over winter. If you don’t catch a problem before winterizing, it could make the problem worse.
  2. Clean, Clean, Clean – Prior to storing, one should be sure to remove the bilge drain plug, give your boat a good scrub on the interior & exterior, removing all residue, especially if your boat stays in the water through the summer.
  3. Dry It – prior to storing, be sure to thoroughly dry your boat. Drain all water and get all moisture to evaporate to help prevent mold/mildew from growing.
  4. Maintenance Items To do; change the oil, change the anti-freeze, apply fogging oil, protect drive belts, grease sterring /control mechanisms, disconnect the battery
  5. Wax & Cover– this will help prevent dust, rust & corrosion while it is in storage through winter.