Tips for Staging a Home for a Showing


Access Storage
June 20th, 2024

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Tips for Staging a Home for a Showing
1. Make a plan for Showing. More often than you would like, you will receive a last minute notice that someone is interested in looking at your home. Be sure to have a plan in place to help you quickly get your house in order for any unplanned showing.
2. Designate a Place for dirty clothes/towels & other items. Have an empty tote ready to throw all dirty towels & clothes in along with small appliances that fill counter space. Have a new specific set of towels and even maybe bedspreads available to present fresh clean rooms throughout the home.
3. Let the sunshine In. Buyers don’t like dark spaces. Be sure to open all window blinds & curtains, open all doors & turn on all lights throughout the home to brighten the home.
4. Décor. To replace your personal items for showings, have a few pieces ready to place throughout the home for a showing to add some personality to the home. A centerpiece for the dining room table and counter (if there is space) can make a home more appealing.
5. Remove Pets. Any trace of an animal in the house or the smell of an animal can deter any potential home buyer. Be sure there is no trace of their smell and remove litter boxes. Clean and freshen up their area often to reduce the potential of their lingering smell.